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Candidate Education
Dear CFA® Candidate,

We are pleased to learn that you have registered for the 2017 December CFA® examination. While today that date may seem like an eternity away, successful candidates realize that the time passes all too quickly and know the importance of getting an early start. The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts (HKSFA) recognizes the commitment required to pass each challenging level and understands the time constraints each candidate faces in preparing for the exam.

To help supplement your individual study efforts, HKSFA is offering the following programs for candidates in Hong Kong. These programs are designed to help you maximize your study efforts and master the CFA exams successfully.
We sincerely hope you will take advantage of these programs HKSFA is providing this year.  We look forward to your participation and send our very best wishes for success in the exam!

Yours sincerely,

The Education Committee
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts
Study Groups

Many candidates find that meeting with a group of candidates on a regular basis helps them better structure their study time and remain motivated. The study groups may meet at an agreed-upon time in a location convenient to all of the candidates in the group. The study group meetings serve as an excellent forum for discussing the CFA reading material and sharing both expertise and moral support. An added plus is that you are able to meet others in the industry and build your network of contacts.

Please let us know of your interest in participating in a study group (for June 2018 Exam) by completing the application form and returning it to us by 8th December 2017. We shall try to group you with those who share your time and location preferences if possible. You will be advised of the details of your group in mid Decemebr 2017. Please note that we only accept applications from candidates who have registered for the 2018 June exam. This service is free of charge.

Wiley Study Materials

Wiley is a participating provider of CFA Institute's Prep Provider Guidelines Program.  It offers comprehensive study solutions.  The Wiley's products have been specifically designed to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each candidate's preparation program.  Its efficient learning platform would help make your learning process easier and more productive.  Reviews of the products can be found from

Wiley has made special arrangement with The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts (HKSFA) for the distribution of its study materials in Hong Kong.  It offers a special discount compared to ordering the materials directly from Wiley's website at  The Wiley products contain the following :

A.  Until You Pass Guarantee including Free Updates & Upgrades
B.  Adaptive Exam Planner & Personalized Study Schedule
C.  Dashboard & Performance Metrics
D.  30-45 Minute Bite-Sized Lessons
E.  90+ Pages Formula Sheets
F.  Study Guides
G.  Course Outlines
H.  Practice Questions
I.   2 Full-length Mock Exams
J.  Video Lectures
K. 14-16 Weeks of Live Online Virtual Classes
L.  Online Mentoring
M. 11th Hour Final Review Course (40 hours Final Review Lecture Videos and Mock Exam Seminar)
N. 11th Hour Review Study Guide
O.  Additional 11th Hour Mock Exam 

Print Version
P.  Study Guides
Q. 11th Hour Guide

Product Price
1.    Study Guides (print version only) - HK$1,740 (Level I, Level II or Level III)
2.    11th Hour Guide (print version only) - HK$580 (Level I, Level II or Level III)
3.    Self Study Course (i.e. Item A to I) - HK$2,900 (Level I or Level II), HK$2,400 (Level III)
4.    Self Study Course (i.e. Item A to I) + Study Guides print version (i.e. Item P) - HK$4,340 (Level I or Level II), HK$3,180 (Level III)
5.    Silver Course (i.e. Item A to J) - HK$4,600 (Level I or Level II), HK$3,750 (Level III)
6.    Silver Course (i.e. Item A to J) + Study Guide print version (i.e. Item P) - HK$5,000 (Level I and Level II), HK$4,530 (Level III)
7.    Gold Course (i.e. Item A to L) - HK$6,500 (Level I or Level II), HK$6,100 (Level III)
8.    Gold course (i.e. Item A to L) + Study Guide print version (i.e. Item P) - HK$6,900 (Level I or Level II), HK$6,500 (Level III)   
9.    Platinum Course (i.e. Item A to O) - HK$8,900 (Level I or Level II), HK$7,760
10.  Platinum Course (i.e. Item A to O) + Study Guides print version (i.e. Item P) - HK$9,300 (Level I or Level II), HK$8,160
11. 11th Hour Review Course (Level I, II or III) - HK$2,670 
       - Exam Planner
       - 11th Hour Syllabus
       - 11th Hour Guide (Text only)
       - One full-length online Mock Exam
       - Mock Exam Seminar
       - Final Review Seminar - 11th Hour Guide (1-volume print book or VitalSource ebook)
       - Formula Sheets

Note : 
If you wouldl like to enjoy the university student discount, please place your order directly with Wiley via  You will need to provide proof of academic status before you can enjoy the discount.  The discount is offered based on the list price on Wiley's website in US$.  It also offers you an option for getting either ebook or print books.  For print books, there will be an additional charge of shipping fee for orders placed directly via Wiley's website.

Order Forms
To place your order, please complete the following order form and return to us by email at or give it to us in person at the HKSFA office.

2017 - Level I / Level II
            Level III

Information of CFA Prep courses using Wiley Study Materials

HKU School Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) is offering CFA Education Program. 

A.  2017 CFA Level 1 Refresher course will be held on 26th November 2017
      This 10-hour refresher course is to focus on CFA Level 1 exam questions. 
       It will be conducted in Cantonese supplemented with English, course material will be in English.
       Course fee : HK$2,000.  For details, please visit
       For enquiries about the course, plese contact HKU SPACE directly at  (Tel : 2867-8391)

B.  2018 CFA Level 1 Education Program will start on 24th January 2018
     60 hours of lectures will be conducted in Cantonese during weekdays.  
     For details, please visit or
     contact HKU SPACE directly at or by phone on (852) 2867-8391. 

     Information Seminar for this Level 1 program is arranged to provide more details about this education programme.  Details are :

     Date :       10th Jan 2018 (Wednesday)
     Time :        7:00 - 8:00 pm
     Venue :    United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong
     Speaker : Mr. Mike Hui

     Online registration for the Level 1 Information Session -

C.  2018 CFA Level 2 Education Program will start on 3rd February 2018
     60 hours of lectures will be conducted in English on Saturdays.  
     For details, please visit or 
     contact HKU SPACE directly at or by phone on (852) 2867-8391. 

     Information Seminar for this Level 2 program is arranged to provide more details about this education programme.  Details are :

     Date :       9th Jan 2018 (Tuesday)
     Time :        7:00 - 8:00 pm
     Venue :    Room No. 610, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong
     Speaker : Dr. Lai Man-Kit

     Online registration for the Level 2 Information Session -

Note : HKSFA would like to remind the candidates that review courses and study notes should only be regarded as supplementary study aids.  In general, each level of the program requires a minimum of 300 hours of preparation.  Study the prescribed curriculum is the best way to prepare for the examination and there is no substitute for studying the CFA Program Curriculum that are recommended by CFA Institute.

Should there be any questions of the above, please contact us at or by phone at (852) 2521 2543.

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by organizations sponsoring or providing CFA® exam preparation materials or programs, nor does CFA Institute verify pass rates or exam results claimed by such organizations.  CFA® is a licensed service mark of CFA Institute.