COVID-19: Updates

Dear Members and Colleagues,
You may have noticed, like so many other organizations, we have postponed a number of events, including the Volunteer Recruitment Gathering, Welcome Reception for New Members, and a number of continuing education events.  Unfortunately, there will be more postponements to come. On 22nd February, the CFA Institute Research Challenge Hong Kong Local Final Presentation was carried out in a virtual format instead of the usual in-person format. Going forward, more of our content / events will be provided / included via livestream and on-demand.
June 2020 CFA® Exam
Due to the profound global impact of coronavirus, CFA Institute has made the unprecedented decision to postpone the June 2020 CFA® Exam administration globally. 
Please click here for more details.
Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in our community, we are running our business continuity plans and at same time maintaining regular communication with our counterparts and volunteer community.  If you or you know someone who would like to expand the professional network and volunteer in our Society, please click here

Contacts Us
Email and phone enquiries remain normal, we could be reached at:
Please call 2521 2543 before visiting our office.
General Enquiries:
About membership:
About events:
Should there be any changes to the event dates and other arrangements, we will notify participants via SMS and email.  
Tracking the virus
For the benefit of your health and your family’s health, we will continue providing relevant Society updates on our website. If you are not already regularly tracking the following resources, we encourage you to do so:
Together we fight, save lives by keeping a social distance
During our almost three decades of establishment, our Society has witnessed and ridden through a number of economic, social and financial crisis. Indeed, the current pandemic is different and has a profound global impact. Yet, together we fight the virus in the months ahead and will come out stronger!  We can mitigate the risk by keeping a social distance. All of us can save lives starting now. The actions we take starting today will save the lives of people we will never meet. 
Stay safe and healthy!
We look forward to seeing you again soon.