Major Public Awareness Programmes

Media Coverage

  • 2nd February 2021:  證監:應探討GEM板改革 提升上市門檻被指封殺本地公司 (明報)

CFA Control Room

CFA Control Room has been our major public awareness programme since 2014. The programme, conducted in Cantonese, is our collaboration with Metro Finance (新城財經台) and Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報). It consists of interviews with seasoned practitioners on different areas of the finance industry.

CFA Control Room 2020 (CFA 指揮室 2020)

  • 16th November 2020 : Hong Kong Blockchain Company Lands Middle East Market  (港區塊鏈公司 開拓中東市場)
  • 9th November 2020 : Fund Manager Turned into KOL  Spreading the Investment knowledge Online (基金經理轉型KOL 網上教投資)
  • 2nd November 2020 : From Legal to Regtech (從法律走到Regtech)
  • 25th October 2020 : Living out of the Comfort Zone, Professional Knowledge turns an Accountant into an Entrepreneur (會計師離舒適圈 專業知識創業)
  • 18th October 2020 : Create the P2P currency exchange platform Be the best partner of the traveler  (創P2P外幣交換平台 解決旅客煩惱)
  • 11th October 2020 : Entrepreneur Creates the Fund Portfolio by Tapping Artificial Intelligence for Stock Selection (創業建基金組合 利用AI科技選股 )
  • 4th October 2020 : Edgy Online Platform bridges the fund-raising gap of Mid-to-small-cap Companies (創新網上平台 補中小企融資缺口 )
  • 28th September 2020 : Customer-oriented approach brings about positive feedback (產品以客為本 市場自有正面回響)
  • 21st September 2020 : Create the new brand by striking for high alpha return  (創業自立門戶 追求high-alpha回報)
  • 14th September 2020 :The Key to Success in Entrepreneurship (創業成功需具備的條件)

CFA Control Room 2019 (CFA 指揮室 2019)

  • 27th October 2019 : A Combination of CFA Designation and IT knowledge brings about competitiveness (資格併科技知識具優勢)
  • 21st October 2019 : Perfect Information leads to monopoly (掌握完全訊息形成壟斷)
  • 14th October 2019 : HK's well-positioned to ride on the wave of Asian Bond Market (亞債洲市場興起 香港盡見商機)
  • 7th October 2019 : How to equip yourself with different skillsets to capture the emerging investment opportunity (涉獵各種因素 把握投資機遇)
  • 30th September 2019 : From Football gambling to stock market  Get Grip of 5-minute Opportunity (從足球博彩看股市  掌握5分鐘機遇)
  • 23rd September 2019 :New policies launched for Asset Management Industry in the Mainland and HK, Create ample opportunities in the next decade ahead (陸港資管新政多 締造十年新機遇)
  • 16th September 2019 : Stretching Asset Management Industry Fueling the Economy for the next 10 years(資產管理業全面開展 冀成下一秩經濟動力)
  • 9th September 2019 : New Financial Rules  New Business Opportunities emerge from Living Science (金融新秩序 生活科技爆商機)
  • 2nd September 2019 : Financial Practitioners Stay Competitive by “T Shaped” Learning Curve (金融從業員T型增值保優勢)
  • 26th August 2019 : Technology gives a facelift to financial and property development industry (科技顛覆金融及房地產業)
  • 19th August 2019 : Virtual Banking Focus on Customer Experience  Diversified Application of Technology is the key to Success  (虛擬銀行重客戶體驗 科技應用多元化致勝) 
  • 12th August 2019 : The Preface to Next Decade for Finance and Investment  Alternative Asset from Alternative Thinking  (金融業下一個十年 另類資產另類思維)
  • 5th August 2019 : The Preface to Next Decade for Finance and Investment  Soft and Hard Skills to tap the opportunities from the Greater Bay Area ( 金融序言 軟硬技巧馭大灣)

    For reviewing the published articles of CFA Control Room 2019, please click here for the digital book! 

CFA Control Room 2016 (CFA 指揮室 2016)

  • SPECIAL : 16th September 2016: Default Investment Strategy offers help to busy MPF Scheme Members  (「忙人包」助大忙人管理強積金)
  • 17th September 2016 : Diversified Development of ETF  (多元發展交易所基金)
  • 10th September 2016 : Smart Beta ETF Embarks New Investment Opportunities (另類權重ETF 投資新機遇 )
  • 3th September 2016 : Exchange -Traded Funds Help Diversify the Investment Portfolio (交易所買賣基金助分散投資)
  • 27th August 2016 : Reverse Mortgage & Annuity, another form of “monthly income” for retirees (逆按揭 年金 退休後「出糧」有法)
  • 20th August 2016 : Well Planned Asset Allocation, Optimizing the MPF Return (資產配置有道 優化積金回報 )
  • 13th August 2016 : Diversified Investment Choices available   Planning Retirement Ahead (投資選擇多 退休早籌謀)
  • 6th August 2016 : Retirement Planning; the earlier the better (退休籌劃宜早不宜遲)
  • 30th July 2016 : Portfolio Management is the Investment Key, Risk Diversification for Protecting the Return (投資重組合管理 分散風險保回報)
  • 23th July 2016 : Hedge Fund Investment: High Risk, High Return (對沖基金風險大回報高)
  • 16th July 2016 : Hedging for Return, Be Aware of Risk Cost (對沖求回報 留意風險成本)
  • 9th July 2016 : Long/Short Strategies: Reducing Risk and Securing Return(長短倉策略減風險保回報)
  • 2nd July 2016 : A Big Gap in 'A' Share and Local Share Investing (投資A股港股大不同)
  • 25th June 2016 : Stay Relevant: Stay relevant - upgrade yourself! (自我增值免淘汰)
  • 18th June 2016 : Financial Technology (Fintech), where the future of industry lies (金融科技 業界未來所在)
  • 11th June 2016 : CV and Interview Performance, the determinants for passing the gate (履歷與面試 應聘成功關鍵)
  • 6th June 2016 : CFA Designation – a Golden Pass for Your Career Path (CFA特許資格認證 職場見優勢)
  • 28th May 2016 : Preparation is key to loss avoidance - don't let market noise distract you (消息莫當分析 做好功課免受損)
  • 21st May 2016 : Putting Investors First, elevating the transparency (以投資者為先 提高透明度)
  • 14th May 2016Seek the Intrinsic Value (價值投資尋找內涵值)
  • 7th May 2016 : Early Saving and Health Management are the Keys to Fulfilling Retirement(為退休準備 早儲蓄保健康)
  • 30th Apr 2016 : Default Investment Strategy, Optimizing the MPF system (預設投資策略優化強積金)

CFA Control Room 2015 (CFA指揮室2015)

Private Equity Series (私募股權投資系列)
  • 30th Sep 2015 : High Entry Threshold of Private Equity Gives Cutting Edge to Institutional Investors (私募基金門檻高 機構投資者有優勢)
  • 21st Sep 2015 : Local Know-how is Vital for Private Equity Real Estate Investment (房地產私募基金須「因地制宜」)
  • 14th Sep 2015 : Effective Due Diligence Avoids Investment Flaws (做好盡職調查 避免錯誤投資)
  • 7th Sep 2015 : Different Strategies for Different Types of PE Funds (私募基金種類多 認清策略才叩門)
  • 31st Aug 2015 : Private Equity booms in Asia, China and India top on the list (亞洲私募蓬勃 中印最吸引)
Investing Series (投資技巧系列)
Corporate Series (企業透視系列)
  • 13th Jul 2015 : Vitasoy:Adjustment to Policy and Market Change (維他奶審時度勢配合政策)
  • 6th Jul 2015 : Forensic Accounting in Action,  In-depth Data Analysis (法務會計抽絲剝繭 數據大搜查)
  • 29th Jun 2015 : Tracking Down Financial Crimes, Forensic Accounting Emerges (追蹤財務罪案 法務會計冒起)
  • 22nd Jun 2015 : The Link REIT: A Diversifying Business Model (領匯業務走向多元化)
  • 15th Jun 2015 : Stability --  Key to Policy-prone Mainland Property Sector (政策影響大 內房重穩定)
  • 8th Jun 2015 : Professional Investor Relations Adds Value to Corporations (專業投資者關係利公司增值)
  • 1st Jun 2015 : Investor Relations, the Newborn in Investment Industry (投資者關係 股壇新行業)
Capital Market Advocacy Series (資本市場倡導系列)
  • 26th May 2015 : More Flexibility Needed in Regulating Private Equity (私募基金規管應更具彈性)
  • 18th May 2015 : Weighted Voting Rights; an Unfavourable Share Structure for Investor Protection (「同股不同權」不宜散戶市)
  • 11th May 2015 : Derivatives as Tools for Risk Management (衍生工具有助風險管理)
  • 4th May 2015 : Active Participation in AMC  Building the Investors' Trust (參與資管準則 贏投資者信心)
  • 27th Apr 2015 : Proactive Response to Public Consultations Driving Industry Development (積極回應諮詢 推動業界發展)
  • 20th Apr 2015 : Differentiating Investment from Speculation; Diversification for Risk Protection (投資不同投機 資產分散有保障)
  • 13th Apr 2015 : Enhanced corporate governance level strengthens investors’ confidence (企業管治改善 有助提升投資者信心)
  • 8th Apr 2015 : GMSS Highlights: HK’s cutting edge, Robust Legal System and Global Perspective (香港具完備法治與國際視野優勢)
  • 30th Mar 2015 : GMSS Highlights: Positive HK Economic Outlook  Anxiety over Political Risk (調查﹕港經濟看好 憂政治風險)

CFA Control Room 2014 (CFA指揮室2014)

Asset Management Series (資產管理中心系列) The radio archive :
  • 1st Aug 2014 : ”Made-in-Hong-Kong” funds fuel the needs for greater range of talents (「香港製造」基金廣泛吸納人才)
  • 25th Jul 2014 : Embarking unbounded opportunities, private equity funds unleash phenomenal development potential (機遇無限 私募基金發展矚目)
  • 18th Jul 2014 : Globalization of Renminbi leads to New Milestone for Hong Kong’s Fund Management Industry (人民幣國際化助基金業邁向新里程)
  • 11th Jul 2014 : The growing importance of fund performance evaluation and analysis< (基金績效分析日益重要)
  • 4th Jul 2014 : Reform of Mainland's financial sector draws influx of international funds to Hong Kong (內地金融開放, 吸引海外基金來港)
  • 27th Jun 2014 : The establishment of large investment funds will groom local talents (成立大型基金 培養本地人才)
  • 20th Jun 2014 : Hong Kong is well positioned to seize the opportunity of funds’ mutual recognition (基金互認 香港勢佔先機)
  • 13th Jun 2014 : Appropriate pairing of professional talents to create unlimited asset management opportunities (人才配對得宜 資產管理機遇無限)
  • 6th Jun 2014 : Dismantling Hong Kong's dominance as an asset management centre (資產管理中心優勢拆解)
  • 30th May 2014 : Treat investors well to promote the status of the asset management center (善待投資者 提升資產管理中心地位)
CFA Series (CFA 系列)
  • 23rd May 2014 : Professionals specializing in derivative instruments need to have a broad vision (衍生工具專業人員視野要廣闊)
  • 16th May 2014 : Derivatives experts race against time to control risk (衍生工具專家爭分奪秒控制風險)
  • 9th May 2014 : Though financial market changes all the time, fund managers’ keys to success have not changed (市場多變 基金經理致勝關鍵不變)
  • 2nd May 2014 : Delving into A-shares analysis helps investing in Hong Kong stocks (鑽研A股有助投資港股)
  • 25th Apr 2014 : How to look for diamonds in the A shares (如何在A股尋找鑽石)
  • 18th Apr 2014 : Private Equity Funds: Out-of-the-ordinary investment; out-of-the-ordinary return (私募基金:非一般投資非一般回報)
  • 11th Apr 2014 : The Mystery of Multi-Years Profit Making Capability by Absolute Return Funds (絕對回報基金長年賺錢之謎)
  • 4th Apr 2014 : Professional analyst disassembles gaming industry prospects (專業分析師拆解博彩業前景)
  • 28th Mar 2014 : From private bank development to understand the trend of wealth management? (從私銀發展了解富豪理財趨勢)
  • 21st Mar 2014 : Winning strategy of reinsurance funds: Matching Assets (再保資金制勝之道:資產配對)
  • 14th Mar 2014 : Deconstructing fixed income securities: Balancing profits and risks (解構定息債:平衡收益與風險)
  • 7th Mar 2014 : CFA Programme -The decryption of hedge fund's winning strategy (CFA解密對沖基金致勝策略)
  • 28th Feb 2014 : CFA Programme helps manage and balance investment risk (CFA有助管理投資平衡風險)
  • 21st Feb 2014 : CFA Programme assists analysts in expanding future development (CFA助分析師擴發展空間)
  • 8th Feb 2014 : 金融行業的入場券的專業資格

Investor Education Seminar (投資者教育講座)

  • 17th Aug 2015 : Media Coverage of 2015 Investor Education Seminar (HKET) [Please click here for the vidoe clip]
  • 4th Aug 2014 : Media Coverage of 2014 Investor Education Seminar (HKET)
  • 28th Oct 2013 : Media Coverage of 2013 Investor Education Seminar (HKET) [Please click here for the video clip]
  • 10th Oct 2012 : Media Coverage of 2012 Investor Education Seminar (HKET) [Please click here for the video clip]
  • 4th Jul 2011 : Media Coverage of 2011 Investor Education Seminar (Ming Pao)