CLOSED REGISTRATION [Virtual] CFA Program Macao Information Session 2021 (CFA課程澳門網上簡介會2021) Complete

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Why CFA program and CFA designation are important for your own career development in financial sector? How does CFA Institute develop the CFA exam curriculum? What are the 2021 Computer-based Testing (CBT) updates? What candidate services does the Society provide?

If you are considering to sit for the 2021 CFA CBT exam, this is a great opportunity that you can’t miss! This complimentary virtual event will help you to find out the answers above.

To further promote the financial industry development in Macau, CFA Society Hong Kong (the “Society”), The Macau Institute of Financial Services (MIoFS), and CFA Institute are pleased to invite experienced speakers in different focus areas to provide participants with an overview of the CFA program and tips for exam preparation.  

為甚麼 CFA 課程及 CFA 專業資格對你發展金融事業如此重要?CFA 協會(CFA Institute)如何設計CFA考試大綱?2021年度的電腦模式考試(Computer-based Testing “CBT”)有甚麼更新?香港特許金融分析師學會 (CFA Society Hong Kong)為考生提供甚麼支援?  如你正在考慮應考 2021年的電腦模式CFA 考試,那千萬不要錯過今次機會!是次免費的網上簡介會將為你解答上述問題。 為進一步推動澳門的金融業發展,澳門金融學會(The Macao Institute of Financial Services)、香港特許金融分析師學會及CFA協會十分榮幸能邀請到於不同領域均有豐富經驗的嘉賓出席講解CFA課程,並分享備試心得。

We'll cover the topics below in this CFA Program Macao Information Session 2021 是次澳門網上簡介會將涵蓋以下內容: 

  • CFA Society Hong Kong Introduction [香港特許金融分析師學會簡介]
  • Introduction of Society candidate services [學會為考生提供的支援及服務]
  • CFA Program and CFA Exam, 2021 Curriculum and CBT updates [CFA考試簡介、2021課程涵蓋、CBT最新資訊、CFA資格認証認受性、CFA職業資訊等]


Details of the Information Session: 

Date :    21st Jan 2021, Thur 

Time :    7:00 p.m. – 8:20 p.m.  

Format :   Webinar 

Fees :    Complimentary
Language: Cantonese (supplemented with English)

To know more about Society Candidate Education Services, check it out here.

 - This event is for 2021 Macau Candidates, Macau potential candidates, Macau residents and Macau industry practitioners only.
- The virtual event will be conducted on Zoom.
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- An event reminder will be sent out 1 day before the event.  If you have not received the email confirmation and reminder, it is the delegate's responsibility to contact CFA Society Hong Kong to confirm their place.
- Please log in the event link 10 mins in advance of the session start time to allow some time to solve the technical issues (if any) and the event will start promptly at 7:00 pm.
- The whole event will be video-taped for record keeping purpose. Photos (or screenshots) of the events will be posted on the Society’s website and social media like Facebook and LinkedIn page. 

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